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“If you don’t think every day is good day, just try missing one.”

                                                            –Cavett Robert

I agree, with the quote because not everyday can be perfect in life. If you think your having a bad day or a bad feeling try to ignore it and think about something positive. The reason why it’s because your just damaging yourself by thinking negative or having bad feelings when, it’s actually the other why around everything is okay. 🙂

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The Meaning Of My Name

In French, the name Lissette means- derived from elizabeth. The name Lissette originatedas an French name. The name Lissette is most often used as a girl name or female name. Well most likely it says that my name is used and it’s a french name. It also means that am a confident person and likes to help others but really focus on doing my things or on what am doing. Also a real friendship and a sccessful name but a person that is really confident and on helping others. 🙂


find out what your name means!

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Sportsmanship is something that you have to play honestly and with alot of effort, talent, and practice. If you win honestly you will feel really good about it even to celebrate that you won honestly. With all that hard work you put in it and practice mainly, show your talent. Even if you loose you don’t got to feel bad about it because you will also feel good that you also played clean and honestly. Keep going to another game to see if you win honestly the next game not just give up. So, win or loose you still have to feel good about it because atleast you tryed all your very best. If you play dairy and not honest, and you win then that’s not going to make you eel good about it. Yes, you might say that you won but not honestly that’s not going to make you feel so good if you did it honestly. It will make you think  about it twice saying to your self “I won but not honestly”. So, that’s why play a game honestly for it won’t make you feel bad win or loose it’s still going to make you feel good knowing that you play clean and honestly. 🙂 Win the championship honestly 🙂


                      –LISSETTE D. JIMENEZ




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Holiday Talk: Liz,Lydia & Joana

Holiday Talk

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Thanksgiving Day

My Thanksgiving weekend was great even thought I ate super much. Thursday Thanksgiving all my family gathered around in one of my aunts house. All my family, aunts, cousins, uncles, etc. Each one of the familys made something like turkeys,hams,mash potato, corn, pies, cheese cake, tameles, bread, drinks, hot drinks, salad, and many more. It’s the whole point eatting alot on thanksgivings. I had a very good time with all the family thanksgiving. Laughing, joking, smiles, and a bomb fire. It was very grateful spending time with them it’s really fun. Also alot of dancing with my cousins and listening to the music too. When I finished eatting i could’nt even stand up the chair i was really full. I ate like to two legs of the turkey and alot of mash potato,corn,bread, and soda. After, that I also drinked something hot and more mash potato. I did really eat alot but hey it’s thanksgiving et all you want these holidays. I’m also looking forward on having a great time on the holidays that are still coming up with family, boyfriend, and friends. It’s also something very nice in gathering with them in the holidays. & Hopefully also everyone had a great thanksgiving, and Wish everyone Happy Holidays!. 🙂



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Girls Love Fashion

Fashion for some girls means a lot, for some is passion and love. I’m one of them too i admit it, it’s nothing bad loving fashion i respect everyone’s opinion. Shopping is also part of fashion, us girls love to going shopping it’s “passion for fashion” a little speech. Fashion is for everyone! Shopping when we can is nothing bad, like Mr.Haymore says that we first have to think about something before, before you choose on what you want to do also by ” choosing the right”. He’s a very kind, nice, and friendly teacher that is always happy and a smile his face. Well FASHION is love and passion for some girls and I I. “Passion for fashion!” 🙂

  • Shoes (Heels,etc.)
  • Hair
  • Dresses
  • Shirts
  • Skrits
  • Jeans
  • Make-up
  • LipGloss
  • Accessories
  • Brands
  • Nails
  • Bags

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